This is a Little thumbnail I did when I went up to Gillybobs Summer Chalet and squatted down to pick some daffy down dillies.
The raspberry canes were trying very hard to squish out the flowers by being bigger and quite prickly in personality. The Daffys just smiled their perfect brightest yellow smile and grew anyway… harder to pick so perhaps the raspberries were protecting the flowers from escaping and running wild around the property… ( Many had already done just that).
So I sat and drew a quick sketch ( thumbnail) of the trapped Daffies… I quite liked the lines and pattern created by the canes…
Later I played again and shaded some of the spaces between the flowers and stocks.then another day I added to the bottom and shaded more then last weekend I was sitting looking at rocks and continued to draw ,then put a sort of sharp sun shape around the top.
This is my idea of perfect peace. No expectations of anything, or creating some—thing… just following the path of my pencil and keeping my mind light and flowing softly like a breeze.
Inspired by and surrounded by rocks, grasses, roots and water sounds . Thousands of years old just sitting, lying, lounging, or buried in and under the roots of trees..
How can one move quickly or think frantically when the earth barely moves at all.
Go out into your garden and just sit and look at something pretty, or interesting, or green…just let your mind stay there and breath slowly and listen and allow the earth to quiet your souls.
Our lives are layered much like the earths strata. Each layer dependant on the next but living separately until another facet frees itself and grown up and over changing our directions and ideas of life, love and living.
Today I am a very layered Vintage Lady. Much like Mille Feuille but with less chockkie.
Check out my Web site later I have a new Tête-à-tête posting about lunch time today and perhaps even move this one to my web page.
Hugs to the masses of people needing inner and outer peace’s baby..