During the late summer months between raindrops and bugs I sat contented, fascinated, by the water’s edge. Staring, mesmerized by the sudden, dramatic changes in the water’s reflections. Their visual stories, dramatically presented then gone, replaced with yet another and another.

I watched, waited and then pounced upon the vignette, pencil in hand drawing furiously. I couldn’t keep up with the changes. My sketches got smaller in order to accommodate the endless fleeting moments, filled with exquisite colours, intense, dramatic moments in time, deep inside the water.

My heart settled into a fast paced passionate calm.

– Carenie

Waterscape #1 24×18 Sold
Waterscape #2 24×18 Sold
Waterscape #5 24×18
Waterscape #3 24×18
Waterscape #7 24×18
Waterscape #4 24×18 Sold
Waterscape #8 18×20
Waterscape #9 24×12
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