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Carenie Little is a semi abstract contemporary painter who resides in Northern Ontario surrounded by inspiring landscape. Her personal style involves the layering of translucent paint and mixed media which creates emotional depth through layers both real and imagined.

Carenie conducts small group workshops and Art Retreats in her Whitefish studio.


Chat Corner

Peace maker

This is a Little thumbnail I did when I went up to Gillybobs Summer Chalet and squatted down to pick some daffy down dillies.The raspberry canes were trying very hard to squish out the flowers by being bigger and quite prickly in personality. The Daffys just smiled their perfect brightest yellow smile and grew anyway… harder to pick so perhaps the raspberries were protecting the flowers from escaping and running wild around the property… ( Many had already done just that).So I sat and drew a...


The Princess with / and the muffins Rrse told her she was fine and that she really wasn’t very important as she told her mother the day before that all she really did was save people one disinfectant clothe at a time. Well the wise part of the Princess looked at her and said. Did you know about the story about pebbles on the beach .And of course the nurse did not as the Princess mades up all her own tales, this one included. If it weren’t for each and every pebble on the beach there would be...

Lounge Walkers

The Art of Lounge Walking  This was probably inspired when our lives were much longer and we were much shorter. A trek in the back yard consisted of sitting, crawling or running on the grass and eating dandelions , grass , sucking on toys and sometime even a worm if they passed by. We were happy,  intent, small no worries, just joy….our worlds were Little…and happy. ( ok not everyone but my version)  As we grew so did our abilities and energy, competitive nature, life and friends. We all moved...

Living in the Moment

As I move forward into my next stage in life I am becoming someone quite different to whom I was in my original much tighter skin. I have lost enough weight that the leftover skin and some muscles have not so slowly sagged behind my knees, and armpits.. Dressed I look older but ok, otherwise I am becoming interestingly reptilian. ( drawing abstracts of myself!?) I am more watchful, then playful. There are some windows that have closed quietly by...

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