As I move forward into my next stage in life I am becoming someone quite different to whom I was in my original much tighter skin. I have lost enough weight that the leftover skin and some muscles have not so slowly sagged behind my knees, and armpits.. Dressed I look older but ok, otherwise I am becoming interestingly reptilian. ( drawing abstracts of myself!?)

I am more watchful, then playful. There are some windows that have closed quietly by themselves.

Friendships ,,,very important to sustain.

The need to keep in the physical, emotional,creative,verbal and and and

My values around friends and sometimes family get shaken. The apples fall slowly to the ground. My perspective changes.

One of my dear friends actually moved away! (How dare she!?😘)

The era of over 40 years of a constant. ( And very reliable ) walking their 1/2 mile driveway and visiting, having a cup of tea or a beer overlooking their share of the river.

Minding their property during flood season when they go away on adventures to parts unknown to me. Watering plants and watching their prerecorded programs (they have real tv)

This year the road wasn’t be plowed so we had to ski or snowshoe into their place. But the house was locked lonely and empty.

Adjusting to changes isn’t easy, I seemed to have quite conveniently forgotten everyone gets to change..


This has been our COVID life for over a year now. I am well walked as is Ollie dog and Ter. Adventures are finding new paths to explore. Deciding which Crampons are the best, and can I wear them with running shoes…how early can I get into my Jammie’s? We invented Dinner salads to eat in front of the TV.

Humour is imperative as is patience and acts of kindness. Our friends and family have become notably more precious as we see them seldom. A stolen hug from a son or friend has such depth of meaning during this somewhat solitary journey.

I will write and post pictures and have Tête-à-tête with you all.

Hugs from my elbow.