The Art of Lounge Walking

 This was probably inspired when our lives were much longer and we were much shorter. A trek in the back yard consisted of sitting, crawling or running on the grass and eating dandelions , grass , sucking on toys and sometime even a worm if they passed by. We were happy,  intent, small no worries, just joy….our worlds were Little…and happy. ( ok not everyone but my version)

 As we grew so did our abilities and energy, competitive nature, life and friends. We all moved at the speed of light when we could.

Well, now I have a lot of patience ( well only in certain areas!) with less time or ability to sit on the grass looking for worms…and flowers to eat. (replacing sucking on toys for chips and chockies)

 But I love moving, just slower.. meditating, daydreaming, living inside my head, pie in the sky , imagining, story telling……..( I pick mine and you choose yours)


So we walk by the river, path, bush walking, parks, anywhere away from paved routes…..

Ollie dog meanders back and forth across the dirt road down by Gillybob’s . Running up on the verge of a creek, tearing off after chippies, or breaking off and chewing  huge branches ( he thinks they are huge, but as Ollie is a Boston terrier they are only really large in his own sweet head. we just smile and love him to bits) He hands Terry branches to either chew himself or throw, then  lies by the side of the road and has a nosh on his catch of the day. We smile and watch …….( Ollie is never in any mood but happy)  

I saunter along stopping to look at roots, rocks, ice formations, water waves, you know, interesting patterns and shapes.. we stop often then I  do stretches and deep breathing facing where the sun either is or should be…I inhale deeply hold my breath for 5 seconds then exhale all the negative energy I have accidentally stored up over the night… I enfold my well loved, gently used precious friends and family into the universe sending  them positive energy strength and power.

After 10 of these deep breaths I can feel serenity descending over my sore spirit, bringing  me up into a solitarily peacefulness….

Sometimes there is a cacophony of birds Geese, grackles, jays)  just letting it all out… beautiful flying breathing space…

We carry on… surrounded by nature, enveloped by peace calm love… and the day gently creativity unfolds.




 Lounge walking….. waking up from the inside out… giving yourself your well deserved inner serenity with space surrounding you for growth and spirituality ……….. CALMNESS.